EOHO Offers Search Engine Optimization Services!

  • Set project objectives and goals
  • Target audience and keyword research
  • Strategy development (with client input)
  • Plan implementation
  • Full optimization including body text, images, headings, alt tags, URL's, meta tags, and page titles
  • Creation of new optimized pages like Articles, Latest News, or Resources
  • Google Analytics set up and code implementation
  • Directory submissions and back-links
  • Continuous monitoring


The next step after opening your online branch office (website), is to advertise its opening (launch). Here is some information that it is very important to know and understand if you want to get top search engine rankings. Speaking of search engine rankings...what most people do not know is getting a top search engine ranking does take some time and effort. A lot of people think that if they just submit their site to all of the engines their work is done. This is not the case optimizing your website for a top ranking is an ongoing process and does require some time and effort. However, the effort and time you put into getting a top ranking is worth is weight in gold. Once you do get a top engine ranking you will literally get thousands of targeted visitors to your site each and every day. Imagine... if you had a traditional brick and mortar store getting thousands of customers daily!

Before you can position your site to do well in the search engines, you need to understand search engine fundamentals. A search engine is a giant database that lists sites on the Internet. You access the database when you enter keyword searches and receive a list of relevant sites. Search sites are the Internet's Yellow Pages.

Think of a search engine as a giant, automated version of the yellow pages. If you need information on "party planning" from the yellow pages, there are several steps to retrieving it.
Go to the yellow pages and look under the alphabetized subject list for "party."
Note the subcategories: "party planning" "party - children's", "party - rental equipment", and so on.
Examine the companies listed under "party - planning" and decide which company best meets your needs.

You can repeat this process online using a search engine.
Search Engines Versus Search Directories. Read...

Now that you have a better understanding of the basics you can make better decisions regarding search engine optimization (SEO).

EOHO offers a comprehensive package starting at $699, with a monthly tune-up for $99 each month. This service will pay for itself with the company status of being on the first few pages and with new customer contracts. It is far less than advertising with DEX or YellowBook, and much more impactful.

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